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Many family farm businesses have been torn apart and split up not because of financial inefficiencies and poor management… but rather because of spats and squabbles that all too often break out among family members.

Whether you are in the midst of a generational change of ownership, or trying to find solutions to the personal relationship issues in your farming business, please click here for available services.

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The Iceberg of Farm Family Relationships

The iceberg can be used to depict the family farm business.

Only about 10% of the success or failure of the operation has to do with that part of the business you can see with your eyes — land, machinery, buildings, livestock etc.

The other 90% of the business — everything “below the waterline” is the stuff that nobody wants to talk about — the personal relationship issues that literally can make or break the farm.

Successful farming businesses have learned to manage the top and bottom parts of the iceberg equally well.

Succession – Starting the Conversation

Episode 5 of the Farm Business E-Team series looking at the farm succession process.
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