Resolving Family Differences

If you are reading this, there is an excellent chance you are searching for answers to help sort out some of the “stuff” that is going on in your family.

Very few families have the collective “guts” to take a good look at themselves and make the necessary changes that will propel their family and farm business forward.

  • Have you experienced slamming doors in your family?
  • Have you seen a family member being yelled at by a sibling or father?
  • Have you shuddered and winced when certain family members walk into the room because you are afraid they are going to ‘blow up’ again?
  • Have you ever wished everybody could just get along, because deep down you have this feeling that with a little bit of help things could work out?


If you have found yourself saying yes as you read through the above questions — rest assured you are not abnormal or alone.

What does separate you from the masses is the fact that you are actually looking for answers.
Most people just hope the problems will go away and the pain will stop on its own.

Incidentally, I too have answered yes to all of the above questions at some point in the past. I have experienced the pain, shame, anxiety, and embarrassment that goes with messed up Family Relationships.

But things can be changed if the commitment and desire is strong enough.

Help is available.

I work with farm families just like yourselves to address the issues that tend to cause all of the above-mentioned behaviors.

I have watched with awe the changes that start to happen within the family once each person begins to understand the unique needs of their individual personality and begin to adjust how they behave and think.

It takes time and lots of effort to make changes. The toughest step is always the first one: Asking for help is tough. It is okay to seek help. Contact Richard by email or by calling 519-662-2790.